Monday, April 25, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Lil Bo Peeps

Such a lovely kit this is!  Wicked Princess really outdid herself with this one! All the pinks are SO pretty!!  You can buy this kit at Twilight Scraps... go get it and have some fun! ;)

PostHeaderIcon The Clubhouse

This kit is SO versatile!!  It's called "The Clubhouse" but as you can see, I "steampunked" it!  This was just fun to use and you can do so much with it.
Wicked Princess created it and you can buy it at Twilight Scraps.
(To see it full size, just give the tag a click!)

PostHeaderIcon Acid Rock

Now this was WAY fun to work with.  I highly recommend the scrapkit Acid Rock by Wicked Princess. It's so vibrant you'll get tons of ideas when you open this one!   Of course you can buy it at Twilight Scraps.
(The full size tag is just a click away!)

PostHeaderIcon Elegant Soiree

This kit, Elegant Soiree, by Wicked Princess, is so very lovely... it was fun to work with.  You can buy this kit at Twilight Scraps.
(To see the tag full sized, just click it!)

PostHeaderIcon Georgetta Cartrite

I love love LOVE this kit by Wicked Princess, and it's called, you guessed it, Georgetta Cartrite.  
You can buy it at Twilight Scraps.
(Click the tag to see it full size.)

PostHeaderIcon Angels Above

I created this using Wicked Princess' kit entitled "Angels Above" 
which you can purchase at Twilight Scraps.
(Just click the tag to see it full size.)

PostHeaderIcon Goddess of Desires

I used the "Goddess of Desires" kit made by Wicked Princess which you can buy at Twilight Scraps.
(Just click tag to see it full size.)  Thanks for looking!

PostHeaderIcon Opposites Attract

This was created using the kit, "Opposites Attract-Dark" by Wicked Princess at Twilight Scraps.
(Just click the tag to see it full size.)

PostHeaderIcon Good morning!!

Well if you've been here before, you'll notice there is quite a change!  I'll be reuploading the tags I made for my honeygirl Shani over at Scrappetizing where she sells her scrapkits.  You can see some of the tags that have been created for her using her kits at Wicked Princess Gallery.  She's an amazing creator and I am proud to be one of her CT members.  Welp, time to start the uploading, so stand back, this could get messy *giggles*  :)  Make sure you check back.  You never know what I'll be doing next!  Hey, why not become one of my "stalkers", then you can stop by to see me really easy peasy! Kewls! TTYL! *HUGS*
Hello! I'm Sassy. I'm a SAHW happily married to the man who's absolutely my soulmate. I've been PSP'ing for about 20 yrs. Most of it was hit and miss as there was not a real tagging world out there in the beginning. I started with JASC PSP v.1.01, yeah, back when dirt was still in BETA =) I love creating, be it tags, webpages, blog layouts, timeline headers and making my own blinkies. I've just recently started creating digital scrapkits. I'm having fun and my creativity has gotten the boost it needed. I am a happy CT Manager for Wicked Princess of WP Scraps fame and glory. Want to know anything else, just hollar! I might even answer! ;)

Here's my blinkie, if you want it, snag it. If you'd like to see your blinking on my page, send it to me! Enjoy!

*HUGS*n*BLESSINGS* to all! ♥ ♥ ♥