Friday, June 24, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Some new tags....

Here are few of my latest and greatest tags. I hope you like them.
I know I'm rather proud of them!  
To see any of the posted tags in full size just click the tag!

 This tag was created for a WWO on my forum home, PSP Party Central .
We have such fun there.  Drop by and join us!
All of the tags below were also offered as WWO at PSP Party Central .

I created this tag using the "Dangerously Sweet" scrapkit by 
Make sure you give her kits a look, they are very versatile and fun!

"Day Dreamer" was created using "Samantha the Sassy" 

 This tag is really special as it uses my daughter's scrapkit, "Stardrop Surprise" you can find it at Tinx's Scraps . She does lovely work and could really use your support. Thanks from a Mother's heart!

 "Intention" was created using "Angelic Katie" 
scrapkit from Wicked Princess Scraps .

 In all honesty, I don't remember which scrapkit I used on this one!! 

 This was created using a wonderful scrapkit that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of!
Arghhhhhhhhhh!! I hate when I do that!  
I'll find it and post a link... bad me!

PostHeaderIcon Hello Hello!! I'm back!

Well I think I found all the parts I wanted to change and fixed all the broken bits... if you see something let me know!!

I've got lots of new tags to show you! I've been quite busy!  So without further adieu... here we go!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
Thursday, June 2, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Hey all...

I'm under a slight state of construction LOL I'm trying to get my font colors, types and sizes under control but it's taking me a bit. Some of you know I'm going in tomorrow for another round of spinal and hip injections. Since they are so very painful, they use what they call "conscious sedation". Meaning, if ya talk to me I will wake up and answer coherently, but if left alone I happily snooze away. I always request the "double Golden Tequila with a double Black Velvet black" meaning, knock me out for the entire day and night. I don't sleep much due to the chronic pain, so they happily indulge me. So, on that note, I bid you all good-night and I'll see ya again on Saturday sometime. I'll finish "fixing" my blog then. *HUGS*n*PRAYERS*
Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm so blown away!! I got another award!!

I am so totally surprised and amazed tonight!  I have been given another award by my dear friend Lesia.. she's amazing as a creator but more importantly as a friend.  I'm honored to call her friend.

This "Your Blog Rocks Award" came to me from Lesia.

This award is to acknowledge blogz that rock.
If you know a blog that rocks and want to give them this award
then send them a message saying... "Your Blog Rocks"
Since I have acceptedthis award from Kaci & wendy I must pass it onto
5 other people that I think their blogz rock.
There are no rules to this award
only that you send it to 5 people that you think deserve this award.
Make sure you leave them a message.
The 5 rockin blogz I picked are listed below.....
You ALL rock in my book!

Wow!! I got an award!!


WOW!! I just recieved my very 1st award!!
Thank you so much ♥Cheryl♥ !!  You so rock!!
Visit her blog here, Cheryl's Creative Chaos

The aim of the award is to bring recognition to blogs with minimal followers.
Since I have accepted the award I must pass it on to at least 3 other blogs
(but not more than 5), that have inspired me and I feel deserve a bit more attention.
The rules are to say thank you on my blog to the one who passed it on to me
with a link to their blog (see above). Pick the blogs to pass the award on to, 
leave a note on their blog and then list them with links to their blogs.
Without further adieu, here are the blogs I've choosen:
Tinx's Scraps 
Lady Dragus at Dragon's Art and Ramblings
Creations By Witchysheart
Wicked Princess Scraps
PSP Party Central Blog

Again, thank you Cheryl, you really made my day!
*HUGS* ♥♥♥ *MWAH*

Hello! I'm Sassy. I'm a SAHW happily married to the man who's absolutely my soulmate. I've been PSP'ing for about 20 yrs. Most of it was hit and miss as there was not a real tagging world out there in the beginning. I started with JASC PSP v.1.01, yeah, back when dirt was still in BETA =) I love creating, be it tags, webpages, blog layouts, timeline headers and making my own blinkies. I've just recently started creating digital scrapkits. I'm having fun and my creativity has gotten the boost it needed. I am a happy CT Manager for Wicked Princess of WP Scraps fame and glory. Want to know anything else, just hollar! I might even answer! ;)

Here's my blinkie, if you want it, snag it. If you'd like to see your blinking on my page, send it to me! Enjoy!

*HUGS*n*BLESSINGS* to all! ♥ ♥ ♥