Saturday, August 13, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Do NOT buy tubes from MPT..... Please beware everyone..

It has recently come to light from several artists (Ray Leaning, Michael Calandra, Robert Alvarado as well as several scrappers) that they have NOT been paid for purchases customers have made of their art since JANUARY! Yes, you read that right, January of 2011.  When Jo and the excellent staff she trained left, MPT basically went all the hell and back again.  You may have noticed that some of their biggest artists have left in recent weeks.  For instance Robert Alvarado left, he was pretty new to MPT but when one doesn't get paid for MONTHS yet they are selling tons of his art, well you don't hang around long in that situation.  He's now happily moved to PTE.  Michael Calandra just recently left MPT for PTE as well.  Nonpayment for goods sold was the main reason they left.

Now they have almost an even worse situation.  MPT refuses, by lack of action, to remove the art of the artists that have gone.  Unfortunately people have continued to purchase art from those artists erroneously listed on MPT.  The way the Zen Store is set up, if you choose things that are listed in the store and pay for those items, then they are automatically shipped/sent to you.  It takes no human interaction whatsoever.  Limited Editions, BOGO's, etc., those require human interaction in order to have those sent.  Those aren't being sent either.  MPT is keeping ALL of the money that is being spent there and the artists and scrappers are being totally ripped off. 

No one is responding to emails being sent to MPT.  Basically no one is running MPT, it's been absolutely abandoned.  There is no one left to remove the artist's work, no one is there to remove the scrapkits there, and no one is available to pay the artists.

If you are considering buying some new tubes, please, do NOT go to MPT.  I would suggest PTE, or PFD or PSP Asylum, or CDO or MTA or MtA or SATC.  There are tons of places to buy tubes from... please don't help MPT rip off the artists and scrappers that have put their things with MPT in good faith.

And always always be copyright right.  If you use tubes that have been shared illegally you hurt the artists who have every right to be paid for their hard work.  Do the right thing. You'll feel better.



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